Sonder Residences

Duboce / Mission Dolores

Conveniently located where San Francisco's vibrant Mission Dolores and Duboce Triangle neighborhoods intersect, you'll be close to everything — coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and public transit are all just steps away.

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Prices range from $4,150 to $5,270 for a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom

Sonder Traditional Lease
Rent $4,150 $4,100
Utilities Included $120
Wifi Included $60
*Furniture Included $208
**Kitchen Ware Included $28
***Events & Activities Included $100
Total Monthly Cost $4,150 $4,616
Annual Savings $5,593  

* Furniture Cost: $7500 over 3 years
** Kitchen Ware: $1000 over 3 years
*** Events & Activities: Includes weekly workout sessions, yoga, happy hour, wine nights, and more to come.

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