Champs-Élysées, Paris

Curtain up. Under a magnolia tree in a leafy Parisian courtyard, you're sitting with a glass of vin rouge in one hand and a pen in the other. You might be planning your sightseeing itinerary or jotting down a shopping list for the luxury stores of the Champs-Élysées. But you feel like Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Édith Piaf on a night off. Atala invites you to be theatrical and you're ready to take the stage. The unmissable art-deco exterior is mirrored in the elongated lettering on the entrance. Dark marble flooring sets a sumptuous scene to your stay. Artwork spills from the lobby walls to the original sculptures of the secluded garden. Time to see where the City of Light gets its name. Watch the dazzling display of the evening Eiffel Tower from the parapet of the Arc de Triomphe, mere moments away. Turning towards the avenue, let your eyes dance through the Jardins des Champs-Élysées right to the pyramid of the Musée du Louvre. After a full day and restful night, breakfast is available for purchase in the lobby.

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Sans souci, as they say. And that's exactly how you'll feel in Champs-Elysées. Without worry, carefree, and ready for some French flânerie. To flaneur is to stroll, to wander, to aimlessly explore. What better place to start than the aorta avenue of Paris, and its capillary streets? The heartbeat of the city is the streetcorner accordion, the chime of the children's carousel, and the trumpet of boats that cruise the Seine. Follow your feet from retail utopia along broad Haussmannian boulevards through peaceful passageways and the enchanting Jardins des Champs-Élysées. Find yourself amidst the paintings at the ornate Petit Palais, or get lost in the immense expositions and installations of the Grand. Boast your day's discoveries between bites of ham and brie crêpe. Then it's back to the banks of the river to saunter towards the sunset, Tour Eiffel twinkling ahead.


Champs-Élysées, 10 Rue Chateaubriand, Paris

Public Transit

Nearest Public Transportation: George V. Public Transportation to Downtown: 14 min.


Driving time to downtown is about 20 minutes.


  • There is no free street parking nearby

  • There is no paid street parking nearby

  • There are no free parking lots nearby

  • There's a paid parking lot nearby

Booking policies

Check-in is at 4:00 pm Checkout is at 11:00 am

You may request early check-in and/or late check-out after booking. Our team will do our best to accommodate any requests based on availability.


  • Wheelchair accessibility not available

  • Elevators available

House Rules

  • No smoking (not even on balconies/patios)

  • No pets (not even really cute ones) unless otherwise stated

  • No parties (not even really quiet ones)

* Please be respectful of your neighbors and keep noise to a minimum from 10:00 pm – 8:00 am.

Please note

  • There are 48 rooms at this property.

  • You may encounter noise from the surrounding area and from construction.

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We offer flexible cancellations for all bookings. Select the Flex Rate to cancel your booking up to 3 days before check-in and receive a full refund. For longer stays that are paid monthly, we require at least 30 days notice to cancel or modify without fees.

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