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Sonder is a next-gen hospitality company with thousands of beautiful spaces built for travel and life in cities all over the world.

Our Mission
We want to become the world’s largest and most loved hospitality brand
To open our doors and extend our care to everyone. To never let anyone down. To introduce our guests to a city's unique heritage, undisputed classics and best kept secrets.
Our Vision
Build the future of hospitality
To reintroduce humanity in the accommodations industry. To harness the power of technology to democratize travel and deliver jaw-dropping experiences, service, comfort and style.

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Studio in New York
One Bedroom Apartment in Chicago
One Bedroom Apartment in New York
Two Bedroom Apartment in Chicago
Two Bedroom Apartment in New Orleans
Two Bedroom Apartment in Rome
Three Bedroom Apartment in Chicago
Three Bedroom Apartment in Rome
Four Bedroom Apartment in Rome
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