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Sonder signs multi-year fixed leases, mixed leases, or revenue shares as the anchor or sole tenant in your current properties and development projects, increasing NOI, accelerating lease-ups and helping de-risk cash flow.

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Your ideal solution

Expedited occupancy

100% occupancy on day one after completion, no lease-up and no ramp-up.

No vacancies

Eliminate vacancies, credit loss, ongoing maintenance, leasing commissions, and turnover costs.

We partner with

  • Institutional owners
  • Hotel owners
  • Private equity funds
  • REITs/property companies
  • Boutique and family office firms
  • Entrepreneurial developers


  • 24/7 Local support
  • Cutting edge real estate tech
  • Automated revenue management and pricing
  • Significant insurance coverage

Transforming spaces into stunning works of art

Featured in

Leaders in technology

Seamless Check-In

Keyless entry, in-app check-in, and luggage storage option prevent congestion in the lobby area.

Rapid Response & Support

Connected home technology, on-the-ground staff, and robust customer support to monitor noise and rapidly respond to any potential disturbances.

Virtual concierge increases guest safety while lowering operating costs.

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We're always looking for new real estate partners to help bring the Sonder experience to the world.

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