A place to call your own
We looked at hotels and vacation rentals and knew we could do better. So, we did.
Our Vision
Local flavor meets hotel comforts
We’ve traveled far and wide, and we know what matters — authenticity and amenities. Stay in one-of-a-kind Sonders in intimate neighborhoods, and find a consistent standard of quality inside — comfortable beds, five-star cleanliness, and concierge service. If there’s anything we can do to make your stay more special, just text us or give us a call. Otherwise, we’ll leave you to enjoy your trip.
Unique spaces
When you stay in a Sonder, you get a unique, handsomely appointed home all to yourself, plus local recommendations for the best things to explore, eat, drink, and do in the area.
Consistent quality
Every Sonder is outfitted with comfortable beds, crisp white linens, and bathroom and kitchen essentials. If there’s anything else you need, just ask—our concierge service is available 24/7.
Enticing destinations
Sonder is in 11 cities and growing fast. Rent a penthouse in Boston, a condo in Vancouver, or a loft in Montreal and find the same Sonder standard of quality inside.
What Drives Us
Our Story
Our business started in 2012, but the real story of Sonder starts two years later in 2014, when we visited San Francisco for the first time. We were eager to see the city, but our trip got off to a shaky start. We’d booked an apartment and we were having a hard time getting in touch with our host. When we arrived at the apartment with all of our luggage, no one was there. After many unreturned messages, we finally connected, and learned there was a key under the mat. The apartment didn’t look like it was ready for visitors. There was half-eaten food in the fridge and dog hair blanketing the furniture. When Lucas’s allergies started acting up, we realized we’d have to find another place to stay. We booked a hotel room downtown, and arrived to find comfortable beds with fresh white linens. Nothing exciting, but no dog hair at least. There weren’t too many restaurants in the area, so we ate at a generic chain and went back to our room. What if there was a place as reliable as a hotel, but with all the warmth and character of a home? That's why we founded Sonder — because you shouldn’t have to choose between great service and an authentic travel experience. Happy travels, Francis and Lucas
Say hello to a better way to stay
With Sonder, you don’t have to choose between reliable quality and local flavor. Stay in one-of-a-kind homes equipped with hotel-style amenities and 24/7 concierge service.
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