What is a Sonder?

It’s an answer to a lot of questions we’ve been asking. Like what would happen if we had a space to stay in neighborhoods we wanted to live in all around the world? What if those spaces included a dining area, and a living space and perhaps an extra bedroom or two for the kids? What if the design was modern and exciting, and the only thing cookie-cutter was…nothing? A place like that would help create a travel experience built to take guests further. To bring them home better. And that’s a place we’d like to stay. And a philosophy we’ve built our company around.

Taking Stay Further
It’s a place we believe a lot of us are looking for.
It’s a place we believe a lot of us are looking for.

The consistency and service of a great hotel that doesn’t come in a typical hotel format, combined with the warmth and comfort of staying in a space that feels more like a home, and the ability to choose the perfect location from the best neighborhoods in cities around the world. We believe this is the foundation of good travel. We call it Taking Stay Further.

We make it feel like you could actually live here when you stay here.

We’ve designed and outfitted every Sonder space for living, not just staying. A room that’s more than a room. Comfortable beds, nice linens, soft towels, and well-chosen amenities and essentials. We also made the service really simple. If there’s anything you need, just text us, 24 hours a day.

We make it feel like you could actually live here when you stay here.
The right neighborhood really matters.<br/> So we find the best ones.
The right neighborhood really matters.
So we find the best ones.

We take a curated approach to location that’s built around putting Sonders in the best neighborhoods where people actually live, and where we ourselves want to spend time. Each Sonder is customized with art and furniture to reflect the cultural vibe of the city. If we can’t find pieces that fit, we make it ourselves. Currently, we have thousands of Sonder spaces across cities in North America and Europe.

Designed, outfitted and operated by us.

When you stay in a Sonder, you’re staying in a space that we lease, design, furnish, and maintain. There’s no middleman. It’s not someone’s house. It’s a Sonder. You’ll always know what you can expect before you walk in the door.

Designed, outfitted and operated by us.<br/> Always.
How We Got Started
Francis and Lucas Portrait

Founders' Story

Our business started in 2012, but the real story of Sonder starts two years later in 2014, when we visited San Francisco for the first time. We were eager to see the city, but our trip got off to a shaky start. We’d booked an apartment and we were having a hard time getting in touch with our host. When we arrived at the apartment with all of our luggage, no one was there. After many unreturned messages, we finally connected, and learned there was a key under the mat. The apartment didn’t look like it was ready for visitors. There was half-eaten food in the fridge and dog hair blanketing the furniture. When Lucas’s allergies started acting up, we realized we’d have to find another place to stay. We booked a hotel room downtown, and arrived to find comfortable beds with fresh white linens. Nothing exciting, but no dog hair at least. There weren’t too many restaurants in the area, so we ate at a generic chain and went back to our room. What if there was a place as reliable as a hotel, but with all the warmth and character of a home? That's why we founded Sonder — because you shouldn’t have to choose between great service and an authentic travel experience. Happy travels,

Francis + Lucas