Building the future of hospitality

At Sonder, we’re on a mission to redefine hospitality by bringing exceptional stays everywhere.

Why we’re here

Hotels aren’t always hip. Hosts aren’t always reliable. So we’re changing the game—with spaces that inspire and delight, that fulfill needs without sacrificing style, all while delivering seamless, personalized experiences. Check in, request fresh towels, and get dinner recommendations—all from your phone. By eliminating inefficiencies as we grow, we can deliver hospitality that’s both remarkable and accessible. Because everyone should be able to afford an extraordinary place to stay.

How we got started

Then a university student in Montreal, our co-founder and CEO Francis Davidson began managing a handful of apartments. He greeted guests with wine, parked their cars, and began to envision a new set of ideals around hospitality. Over the next few summers, Francis experimented with various models such as matching travelers with vacant student apartments across cities and managing other people's apartments for short-term rentals. A few years later, he and co-founder Martin Picard solidified the foundation that would become Sonder today.

Sonder today

Sonder has multiple offices across the globe, with Hub cities in Denver, San Francisco, Montreal and London/Amsterdam. We’re a very locally driven organization, with teams on the ground in cities across the world. • 40+ cities in 10 countries • Approximately 9,000 units live worldwide • 1M+ guests

Where we’re going

What began as a journey to provide a better stay has grown into a celebration of modern design and exceptional comfort. We’re working with world-class architects and designers to create truly remarkable spaces—ones that transcend hospitality and enrich lives. And we’re employing technology to keep those spaces affordable as we bring Sonder to more cities around the world.

Our leadership

Meet the people guiding our team.

Work with us

We hope to become the most admired hospitality brand in the world. Help us get there.

Work with us

We hope to become the most admired hospitality brand in the world. Help us get there.