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When's the best time to complete your pre-arrival verification process?

It’s best to complete the opre-arrival verification process as soon as you’ve booked your stay with Sonder. At the very latest we recommend you complete it before you travel. 


This is because most of our properties do not have in-person check-ins, so if you arrive having not completed the pre-arrival verification online, you will need to complete the process online in order to receive your Sonder’s access information. In some instances, we need to review the information you’ve submitted and may contact you about it - It’s easier to address these situations ahead of time, and not when in transit or outside your Sonder. 


We recommend using a computer and an updated version of Google’s Chrome browser to complete the pre-arrival verification process. If you encounter issues, we recommend trying on google chrome and/or on a computer prior to contacting us for assistance. 

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